Current Semester's Events

This page explains the different kinds of events that we have as a club.  Our events are often updated!  So if you're interested in joining the events for this semester specifically, click to learn more!


Bible Studies

In our campus Bible studies, we read the Word of God and have discussion.  Not only are we learning more about God, we are spiritual refreshed in the middle of a long week.



At our weekend conferences, we are freed from many distractions as we go into the woods of Occidental, CA and listen to guest speakers expounding on various Biblical topics.  Many of us find that the Lord speaks to us more clearly at these times.


Activities and Outings

In addition to our spiritual events, we have fun too!  In our outings, we have opportunities to get to know one another.  In the past, we have had game nights, bowling outings, hikes, and more!


Online Participation

Some of us may have very busy schedules due to situations beyond our control, and as a result, have limited time to make the events.  However, there is still hope!  Check out ways that you can participate online, until your situation changes and you can come back to club events.

Still want to know more about us?

Contact us at this link, and we will be happy to respond to you.