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Why Bible studies?

Our main emphasis here at Christians on Campus is the word of God.  Everything else may fall away, but the word of the Lord will never fall away (Matt. 24:35).  That's why we have two Bible studies every week: the purpose of these studies to learn about God through the Bible, and in particular, what is His purpose and His heart's desire.  It is absolutely necessary for a Christian to read the Bible regularly in order to have a healthy spiritual living.

Be refreshed in the middle of a busy school week.

Many club members have testified of the value of being at a Bible study in the middle of the school week.  Many times, we get carried away by our responsibilities, so we need a small reminder to turn us back to the Lord.  Here are some facts about our Bible studies:

  • We have two Bible studies during the regular semester: one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday.  Both Bible studies cover the same material.
  • Lunch is provided.  Bible verses (in ESV, or English Standard Version) printed on sheets of paper are also provided (although you're welcome and encouraged to bring your own Bibles, even if they are another version).
  • In our Bible studies, we start by reading the verses together, followed by open discussion.  In our experience, the input from the different members enriches the fellowship.

Can't make our Bible studies?

There are two options you can take:

Bible Study Appointments

Contact us to schedule a smaller group Bible study. We do this to accommodate students with schedule conflicts.

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